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PP-Network becomes Premium Logistics World!

Dear fellow members,
we are thrilled to share some exciting news with all of you!
Project Partners - your trusted forwarding network - is undergoing a remarkable transformation. Today, we unveil our brand new look and identity that reflects our commitment to innovation, excellence, and client satisfaction:

Project Partners will become PLW – Premium Logistics World!

Why Rebrand?
Our industry is evolving, and so are we. The rebranding is more than just a visual change; it represents our dedication to staying ahead of the curve, embracing new technologies, and enhancing the overall customer experience.
We´re on the path in transforming the group from a merely heavylift-focussed network forward to a mixed heavylift/general cargo network with the aim of obtaining more bread and butter business (=general cargo) for our members.
Projects are great and bring great income but we all know that in difficult times like these we need general cargo business to pay for our bills and loans so we think the transition comes at the right time and right place.
The New Look:
Check out our fresh, dynamic logo that symbolizes our forward-thinking approach and the seamless connections we create for our clients. 

What's Changing?
Along with the transition will come a load of advantages, such as:

Payment security:
All your open invoices witin the network are secured up to a maximum of €25,000 p.a. and per debtor, effectively from January 1st, 2024.
This requires a one-time deposit over EUR 500 into our trust fund for each enlisted offices, which will be charged with your annual membership renewal fee.

Payment Monitoring Services - ISR:
No worries about your open payments, not only are these secured by the PLW but we even go one step further: ALL your open invoices are automatically monitored and surveyed by your PLW-team. This is done via our web-based software tool named ISR – Invoice & Shipment Report. The software is easy to handle and data is very smooth to be implemented and updated.
The monitoring process includes regular payment reminders, as well the software will check with your account department on a regular basis whether a particular invoice has already been paid or not: a complete automatized communication between debtor´s and creditor´s account department!

Last but not least: Intra Balance (coming soon):
Sending and receiving international wire transfers is expensive, in particular for smaller payments in the 4digits this often results in a significant problem turning your profit at a shipment into a loss. With our online based payment tool you can wire money to any of our members and settle your bills at no fees at all. You will save hundreds of EUR/US$ per month on banking fees and you will enjoy to receive your payments even faster than before.

What's Next?
The journey doesn't end here. We are continuously striving for excellence and look forward to your continued support as we embark on this exciting chapter. Your trust has been our driving force, and we are committed to delivering even better solutions and experiences.
Our many advantages and new tools to come up will be explained in webinars, we will revert to you shortly on dates and timings to get you and your team closer on how to use the PLW-tools.
See you all soon in Prague to celebrate the new group :-)

Last but not least: A Shoutout to Our Team
A huge thank you to our dedicated team whose hard work and commitment have made this rebranding possible. We are proud of our past and excited about the future :-)
Helmut, Viktor & Andreas

Welcome to our 14th conference in Prague 2024

Dear PLW-members,
after a great comeback in Dubrovnik we´re now looking forward to re-unite again: This time we´re going to Prague, Czech Republic

We gracefully invite you to join us for the 14th PLW - Conference, do not miss that great networking opportunity. Enjoy Czech´s beautiful capital, one of the cities in Europe most steeped in history, but as well a place of great culture, art and nightlife! All while meeting old friends and making new ones.

We´re looking forward to seeing you soon again, welcome to Prague!

Dates: June 1st through 4th 2024
June 1st: Arrival day, welcome party @ 7:30 p.m.
June 2nd: Inaugural speech, followed by 1to-1meetings, dinner party in the evening
June 3rd, morning: 1to1-meetings
June 3rd, afternoon: leisure day
June 4th: departure

We will be staying at the 5* Hotel Hilton Old Town, right in the city centre
check out the location: click here

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